University 4.0




The 4th Industrial Revolution promises to provide a fundamental transformation of the ways we live, work, and relate to one another. In the context of technological advancement and globalization, higher education institutions will likely have to review their roles and to change their ways of operation. In order for higher education to face an avalanche of the coming industry 4.0, an imperative question has to be asked on how universities will be affected by the 4th Industrial Revolution and how the delivery of education will be transformed.

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- What are the required skills and knowledge that University 4.0 should equip the future generations with?

- How should University 4.0 change its learning design (curriculums, teaching methods, assessments) in the light of technological and social disruptions?

- How should the Fourth Industrial Revolution affect the administration, research, development and innovation agenda of University 4.0?

- How should University 4.0 collaborate with the industries and governments to foster innovative ecosystems?

- What are good practices of Universities 4.0?